About Us

The Return of Vintage Glamour!

Spellbound Elegance was founded in 2023 in Maine, USA. We use vintage glamour as an inspiration for our nightwear collection. Our mission is to help you feel beautiful and confident, by adding a little sophistication to your evenings.

How it began...

The idea for Spellbound Elegance was formed after watching a few hours of late night TV, and coming across women’s fashions from the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. The actresses were dressed in elegant loungewear, complete with jewelry, styled hair, and other complementary accessories.

Mid-Century Nightwear

Check out these charming ladies in their glamorous loungewear-

Mid-century loungewear

Not only are the loungedresses beautiful in color and style, there are small embellishments that elevate them from the ordinary: Contrasting bows and trim, jewelry, matching ribbons, flowing robes. All come together for an eye-catching ensemble.

Pretty in Pink

This glamorous set has everything going for it! The flowing pink sack-back nightdress and robe is cinched in the front with a cord with large pom poms at the end. It is the epitome of magic, romance, and fun.

After searching for similar items of elegant sleepwear and loungewear in today's market, it was apparent that these fashions, so prevalent in mid-century styles, are no longer available. This niche has shrunk tremendously in recent decades.

We Want to Bring a Little Magic Into Your Life.

At Spellbound Elegance, we know that balancing a demanding career and personal life can be challenging at times. We want to offer products that evoke comfort and relaxation, and a luxurious escape from the stresses of a busy schedule.

Our aim is to bring you quality sleepwear, that is not only eye catching, but feels great when it's on. Who says you can't be beautiful and comfortable at the same time!

Though we offer classic loungewear and sleepwear with a modern twist, you can also find accessories here to complete the look. We carry shoes, jewelry, coverups, and hair accessories to complement your loungewear.

Drop us line with any comments or ideas you'd like to share about our site: contact@spellboundelegance.com. You can view a slightly expanded version of this page in our Welcome blog post.

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